Floristic Coaching

This coaching program is all about improving your creativity, both as a florist and a person with all the other roles we have in a flower shop!

Such as sales, display, customer relations, economy, organization, planning for the future, setting up goals, motivating you, your staff and colleagues!

Most importantly here is the process of setting up goals to work towards. You tell me what these are beforehand and I then, when I know what your goals are, put together a program focusing on giving theoretical knowledge on your chosen subjects. But I also provide you with knowledge on how to reach your set goals, how to build your organization, as well as planning, motivation and how to create a winning team! I also offer a service over the Internet to follow up and coach you along the way to keep you going towards your goals!

Theoretically, you will get structured educational programs that we work with during the day and that you can continue use once back in the shop. These seminars are very practical with the focus on creativity with flowers and money!

There will be a suitable mix of top floristic inspiration and commercial products where I show ideas for items varying from the everyday bouquets, arrangements, bridal and funeral work, plant compositions and whatever else you desire. I give you the idea and theory behind your topic then you get to work yourself and we finish off with a thorough discussion on all work connected to that given theoretical theme.

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