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The best florist tools and toolbelt on the market for a great price!

Big package incl toolbelt:
140DX, 350-T, FL-18, SS-240 and toolbelt.

Big package:
140DX, 350-T, FL-18 and SS-240.

Small package incl toolbelt:
140DX, 350-T, FL-18 and toolbelt.

Small package:
140DX, 350-T and FL-18.

I have personally used this tools and the toolbelt for over 10 years now and they really are outstanding!
Not only that but I have used the very same tools from start. Only sharpening them from time to time. How many different tools have you used during that same period?
All tools and produced in Japan from the best of High Carbon steel and hard crammed for maximal resistance from rust.
Get the tools together with the toolbelt and save costs on tools and time. Did calculate once and we do use over 40 hours/ year to look for our tools. Save the money and frustration and look like a pro!

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