Complete cardstand

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Get started in the best of ways. 100 big (envelopes incl) and 100 small cards of you collection choice and the custom made plexi stand!
The stand is designs to stand on the counter or to be hung on the wall.
Always guide your customers to buy a colour matched card to their floral design!

Great colour and design selection to match any of your floral designs! All designs taken out of the books of Life3.
High gloss print on a thick quality paper. Print is design detail on the front and dimmed full visual of design on the back. Inside is math white for the writing.
Envelopes included to the big ones and the small ones have punched holes on the back.

Plexistand size 34 x 60 cm and 13.5 cm deep.
High gloss print on quality paper
Card size 13 x 13 cm envelopes incl
Card size 6.5 x 6.5 cm with punched holes

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