The crafter’s secret

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The third book in the FLOOS book project. Get the full story behind all the designs in extensive discretional texts and step by step photos.
Discover the most outstanding floral design recipes from the FLOOS 2017-2018 season, all brought together in a book format and explained step by step by the very same master florists who created them: Daniel Santamaria, Per Benjamin, Max Van de Sluis, Britta Ohlrogge, Berit Skjøttgaard Laursen, Brigitte Heinrichs, Jordi Abelló, Frédéric Dupré, Alex Choi and Carles J. Fontanillas.

Authur: FLOOS and all designers
Photography: FLOOS
Size: 30 x 24 cm
Number of pages: 287
Soft cover

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