Elements Per Benjamin – New edition

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Swedish master florist Per Benjamin won the Swedish championships in 1997, the Scandinavian championships in the year 2000 and became world champion in floristry in spring 2002.

According to Per, floral art is all about emotions. Bringing flowers to the people is translating and communicating emotions, is showing them that the future has always something good, something beautiful to offer. In this book he chares his personal ideas around flowers and creativity. His unstoppable curiosity is his driving force when finding new materials as well as new ways to use the old ones.

Per Benjamin is without any doubt one of the greatest ‘technicians’ in the world of floristry. He is here showing a wide range of arrangements, from the well- known playful and colourful, almost kitschy pieces to the more natural, transparent, discrete ones. However, they always manage quite easily to draw one’s attention, in an elegant, charming way.

Helén Pe provided the fantastic photography and managed to beautifully capture the complexity in many of Per’s creations in numerous close-ups.

They have in this book worked in the studio as well as out in the fantastic Swedish nature, showing the moods and feelings of seasons, materials and of course the flowers.

Especially the photography made at the Icehotel in the north of Sweden, ice, snow and flowers, what a combination!
This book really contains amazing pieces of work!

Author: Per Benjamin
Photography: Helén Pe
Size: 33 x 24.5 cm
Number of pages: 152 pages
+ 150 photos

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