A Collection of Floral Recipes

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Acclaimed florists Per Benjamin (SE) and Max van de Sluis (NL) share their extensive knowledge in the field of floral art in this voluminous recipe book. Step by step they create bouquets, table decorations, arrangements with cut flowers and plants, wedding flowers, sympathy pieces, festive Christmas decorations and other impressive designs for the home. This book compiles all eight volumes of the popular (and sold out) series Creativity with Flowers. It covers a nice mix of commercial and artistic designs and caters both to the hobbyist and the professional. In addition to the hundreds of arrangements, both florists graciously grant us a peek behind the scenes, they explain their way of working, sources of inspiration, thought process and creativity to encourage the reader to do more than merely copy their arrangements. The ultimate goal ofthis book is not only to provide the necessary tools and techniques, but also to give florists the confidence to develop into artists with a personal style and a unique artistic personality.

Authors: Max van de Sluis, Per Benjamin
Helén Pe, Pim van der Maden
Size: 24.5 x 24.5 cm
Number of pages: 448 pages
Hard cover
+500 illustrations
English edition

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