We all have an emotional relationship with flowers and with nature itself. Flowers are emotions! Being privileged as we are working with flowers every day, we get to interpret and convey these feelings in our work. This I find the most intriguing part of my job as a florist, the connection between flowers and people. Like translating one person’s feelings for another in flowers, so I become the emotional link between the two. Flowers say so much more than you can put down in words, and sometimes more than you dare to say.

Life is getting more and more artificial, but today we can already see a reaction against this. The need for honesty not only between people but also in materials have created a movement that is only at its beginning. The more our cities grow the more the dream of nature and flowers will come to people. Floristry as a profession or more correctly as a handicraft is, in most aspects, something honest. We keep honest handicraft traditions alive. This is very important, because hand made products will always be appreciated. We work with honest, natural materials, this during a time of growing environmental awareness.

My driving force as a person and as a florist is my curiosity. My curiosity towards life, people, emotions and, of course, flowers. To be able to assume new challenges every day, in fulfilling my customers´ needs, in finding new ways to work and to see new possibilities in the everyday material we work with. For me the challenge is not to find the most beautiful and rare flowers but to find new ways to use the ordinary ones and show their beauty. A beauty that passes so many people by if not presented in a special way. This is often times achieved by working with the flowers or colours that you like the least, to challenge your own prejudices and creativity. Not to see limits and old traditions as obstacles; on the contrary, to see them as possibilities and inspiration to new ideas. The classic saying, “To take the road less travelled.” makes more than sense!


Yes you did read that correctly!
Being creative and artistic does not always combine naturally with being organized, economical and structured! This fact becomes a problem when many of us realize the dream of owning our own shop.
I have seen, for many years, the struggle many of my friends and colleagues fought with their shops – long working days, a lot of hard work and very little, if any, profit.

I saw a need for knowledge of sales, economy and product assortment as well as presentation and an understanding of the unique conditions, problems and possibilities within a flower shop. Never had a well-known designer combined these topics as a course for fellow professionals!

This started a thought process within me that lead to the industry’s first educational programs custom made for us, on money management, shop economy, sales knowledge, managing and organizing, product assortment, presentation and general coaching of shops with the focus; ”Creativity with flowers and money”

Since the start in 2004 with Floristic Dialogue, Shop Dialogue, my annual Gran Canary seminar, special programs for Interflora Norway and other teaching programs in both Sweden and Norway, several thousands have been inspired and learnt how to both make good money, get a better “shop life” and lifting the level of their actual craft.

Al this experience and knowledge has now been put together in the new ”Floristisk Coaching”, Floristic Coaching, ready to be launched all around the world.

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