Who is Life3?

LIFE³- emotions, creativity, craftsmanship and communication.

This partnership, the first of its kind between three florists, aims to add new value to the flower industry. We want to take floral design up to new levels and wish to bring it to a wider audience. Life3 offers demonstrations, workshops, decorations, shows, seminars and books – both educational and purely inspirational – and education for small and big groups. We offer the latest information on trends in the industry, product design and development, everything within the world of flowers and beyond.

Life3 is Per, Max and Tomas.
Per started working with flowers at an early age, almost by accident as an apprentice in his local florist’s in Stockholm. Max, born and bred amongst the flowers in the Netherlands, grew up in the family flower shop in Zeeland. Tomas, from Brygge, started working with flowers later in life, intrigued by nature and the harmony to be found in the world of floral arrangements.

Max van de Sluis, Per Benjamin, Tomas de Bruyne. Photo: Pim van der Maden FDIPP

We have all worked in various fields in the flowers industry, ranging from nurseries, wholesalers and retail shops, and each of us is devoted to both commercial and artistic designs focusing on the emotional side of flowers. We three value the importance of training and give demonstrations and classes all around the world as well as in our home countries.

We have taken part in many competitions and have won several medals both nationally and internationally. At the 2002 World Cup in the Netherlands we were first, third and fifth (respectively Per, Max and Tomas). In the aftermath of the competition, we ended up talking and commenting on each other’s work. Once we got talking, we started playing with the idea of working together in the future. It soon became clear that we shared the same ideas and visions. Six months later Life3 was born.

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