The best way to learn! In a workshop I combine theoretical and practical work to help you understand techniques and ideas and for you to practically manage them on your own. My workshops are personal and customized for sharing information and ideas in a creative atmosphere. These I can provide in English, German, Swedish as well as Spanish.
I work with individual flower shops, independents as well as Interflora and other retails chains, flower clubs, wholesalers and flower markets, companies producing accessories for the industry, many flower schools on all levels, event planning companies as well as many enthusiasts and professionals. For a wider range and styles also see Life3.

Suggestions for workshops are shown below:
Commercial work with focus on design, material use and economy, Bouquets, Arrangements, Wedding work, Funeral work and Table arrangements.

Top design level work, enhance your artistic and technical skills, and see potential and possibilities in theme and artwork. Interior decoration, Floral objects, Structures etc.

Competition design work, how to design to express yourself and get higher points in competitions!

Techniques, full focus on old and new techniques to take your designs to new heights.

Colour, my very own colour system! The Natural Colour System will change your view about floral design and open up a whole new world of options!

Upon request, I can provide special programs, tailor-made just for your needs and desires.