I, along with Life3, offer books, both educational and purely inspirational.

Educational books: Step by step Series

Have you admired the lovely floral works made by the designers of Life 3: Tomas De Bruyne, Per Benjamin and Max van de Sluis? And have you also often wondered how we make them? In this popular series, Creative with Flowers, we tell it all! We share our knowledge and experience with young professionals and with everyone who is passionate about floral designs. Step by step we show you how certain techniques are carried out. Each book helps you make more than 30 different creations around one central theme. Go backstage with these fantastic step-by-step books and we will show you all our secrets, give tips and help you produce even more beautiful designs.



Inspirational books: ELEMENTS & the EMOTIONS Series:

The Elements book is my very own approach to flower design, colour and material use. Here I share my background, ideas, visions and design concepts. A book showcasing my 4 seasons of Swedish nature, taking you to bare forests with white carpets of flowers, summer and autumn’s warmer colours all the way to winter and the famous Ice hotel in the far north of Sweden.
In the Emotions series, Life3 have, together, resolved to raise the art of floral design to a higher level and these books are our way of getting this process going. We have reached the top and now we want to go even further: we especially want to share our creative ideas, latest concepts and expertise with colleagues and flower enthusiasts all over the world, in a series of breathtaking books, Emotions 2003, Wedding Emotions 2005, Christmas Emotions 2007, Passionate Emotions 2010 and, coming in 2012, Living Interior Emotions!